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LHAND Since 1948 the Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development (LHAND) has had a mission of assisting low and moderate-income families and individuals with safe,and affordable housing.
Lynn EDIC The Economic Development & Industrial Corporation of Lynn (EDIC/Lynn) is a non-profit corporation established under a state mandate in 1977 that functions as the City of Lynn's development bank.

City of Lynn History and Heritage

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Tour Cover City of Lynn, A Photo Tour (PDF)

City of Lynn Maps



Cover City of Lynn Assessor Maps: Our City maps are available in PDF format. You may access a specific section of the city by clicking on the corresponding map rectangle in the index. The first three digit segment of the Parcel ID corresponds to the appropriate map.
Historic City of Lynn Historic Resources Map 2012 (PDF) Reduced File Size 10 MB

City of Lynn Historic Resources Map 2012 (PDF) Full Resolution 30 MB
Water Front Growth District 2011 (PDF)
Water Front Master Plan Map 2008 (PDF)
Coastal Lynn Harbor Coastal Survey Map (PDF)
  DCR Lynn Shore Map (PDF)
Historical Lynn 1926
  Lynn 1959
  Lynn 1977 A Lynn 1977 B Lynn 1977 C    
Open Space Lynn Habitats (December 2008) (PDF)
  Protected Open Space (December 2008) (PDF)
Recreation Lynn Woods Map (January 2009) (PDF)
  Lynn Playgrounds (December 2008) (PDF)
Recycling Lynn Recycling Map (November 2008) (PDF)
Schools Lynn Schools (December 2008) (PDF)
Streets Lynn One Way Streets (December 2009) (PDF)
Voting Citywide Ward and Precinct Map
  Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4 Ward 5 Ward 6 Ward 7
Zoning Map Comprehensive Revitalization Area and Central Business District Map
Did You Know...

The Lynn Memorial City Hall and Memorial Auditorium are listed with the National Register of Historic Places through the United States Department of the Interior.

Constructed in 1948-1949, Lynn Memorial City Hall and Auditorium is a late example of an Art Deco-style civic building that also reflects the influence of the contemporaneous Modern Movement in architecture. Monumental in scale, the building is the focal point of City Hall Square.












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