The original area of High Rock Reservation consisted of approximately four-and-one-half acres located at the summit and along the south slope of High Rock. The area is a steeply sloping hillside which is studded with large outcroppings of porphyry and views of Boston, Nahant, and Salem.  High Rock Tower and the Stone Cottage possess integrity of location, design, setting and for the most part materials. 

Rising to a height of 170 feet, High Rock is less than three quarters of a mile from the ocean and commands unobstructed views of Boston, Nahant, and Swampscott. Although local historians suggest that the hill’s summit was used as a look-out point by Indians and early settlers, the site’s major fame dates from the mid-nineteenth century when High Rock and its porphyry outcroppings became appreciated for their “Romantic” qualities. 


HRFDuring the 1840’s, a parcel of five and one-half acres, including the summit of High Rock, was purchased by Jesse Hutchinson, who, together with other members of his family, built two Gothic cottages, an auditorium and an observation tower on the property.  Both the fame of the Hutchinson Family, who lived there until the early twentieth century, and the “picturesque” qualities of the property made up of High Rock Stone Cottage, Daisy Cottage and the first High Rock Tower, frequent illustrations in wood-cut, lithographic and stereopticon views of nineteenth-century Lynn.  These structures are significant for their associations with the Hutchinson family, a group immersed in many radical nineteenth century causes such as the temperance, abolitionist and women’s movements and are unusual physical representatives of this important phase of nineteenth censure culture.



This amazing flyover sequence is courtesy of Philipp Harlov who certainly has taken High Rock tower to new heights!




Sun’s sunspots and prominences as seen through our solar filter and Coronado P.S.T.
August 2023

High Rock Driving Directions | CLICK HERE FOR A MAP

From the North (Salem area)
Go southwest on Western Avenue/Route 107
Pass Fraser Field (on your right) and take 2nd left onto Lawton Avenue

(From Major Highways and Peabody/Lynnfield area)
Go south on Route 129 (various streets)
On Washington Street take the first left onto Western Avenue/Route 107
Take first right onto Lawton Avenue

Once on Lawton Avenue
Take 5th left onto High Rock Street
Take 1st right onto Circuit Avenue
High Rock Tower is at the top of the hill.

From the South ( Boston/Revere area)
Go north on the Lynnway/Route 1A to Market Street
Take a left on Market Street

(From Swampscott area)
Go south on Lynn Shore Drive/the Lynnway/ Route 1A to Market Street
Take a right on Market Street

Once on Market Street
Go north on Market Street, thru City Hall Square to Franklin Street
Bear right onto Franklin Street
Take first right onto Hanover Street
Follow Hanover Street to Washington Street
Go straight across onto Beacon Hill Avenue
Take first right onto Lawton Avenue

Once on Lawton Avenue
Take 2nd left onto High Rock Street
Take 1st right onto Circuit Avenue
High Rock Tower is at the top of the hill.




2022 Update!
Our freshly repaired and refurbed LX200 telescope has been installed at High Rock Tower!
Check out the video below and watch for upcoming 2022 Starry Starry Night Program dates!



High Rock Tower will be open to the public on the schedule listed below.  The observation will be cancelled if the weather forecast calls for mostly cloudy skies. Registered visitors will receive cancellation updates by 2 PM.

Masks are highly encouraged inside the observatory dome, especially for those unvaccinated, as we will be in a relatively small space.  Dome occupancy will be limited to 15 people at a time.  Dress in layers, it can be cooler in the dome.  A secondary telescope will be available for viewing outside the tower on the grass, except for nights denoted with an asterisk*.

Reserve Your Starry Night Visit Online!CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!

If you have any questions you can contact Jamie Marsh. We look forward to seeing you see the stars!

We will be open to the public on the schedule listed below provided the weather forecast calls for mostly clear skies.

Day/Evening 2024 Dates Time Objects of Interest
New Spring 2024 Dates
Wednesday April 24
8 PM until 10 PM  
Wednesday May 15 8 PM until 10 PM  
Wednesday May 22 8 PM until 10 PM  
Wednesday June 12 8:30 PM until 10:30 PM  

Visit High Rock Tower

High Rock Tower Telescope is located on High Rock Street in Lynn Massachusetts.
High Rock Street (See Directions Below)
(See Above)

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